Winter Tyres for caravan driving
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Tips for Driving your Caravan in Winter

Getting out and about in your caravan or motorhome isn’t for everyone at this time of year. But if you do enjoy a winter trip it’s good to make sure you are prepared.

Pre-trip Preparation Consider: Extra insulation for your van Pipe insulation An insulated jacket for your water tank A de-humidifier to minimise condensation Winter tyres And don’t forget to: Make sure your caravan insurance is up to date

Before you set off, make sure you have the following:

1: Stock up: Be prepared to bed down for the night. Winter conditions can come on quickly and its always best to be cautious. You have all the equipment you need to stay warm and be fed and watered so you can always pull over until extreme bad weather passes and enjoy being cosy in your haven.

2: Pack the right gas. Use propane instead of butane: Butane liquid only ‘boils’ into a gas at -2°C, so if the temperatures get below that, your gas supply may be unreliable.

3: Water Top up your water tank and bring along bottled water.

4: Be prepared: Get your boy scout hat on, and pack torches, swiss army knife and screw driver set.

5: Outdoor kit: Pack de-icer, scraper, snow shovel, hats, wellies and woolly socks and a bag of grit and even a piece of carpet.

6: Get a breakdown kit: including on road reflectors, torch, hi-vis vest,


Sliding off the road in a motorhome may be much more expensive than just getting towed out of a ditch. An unexpected off-road encounter can result in permanent structural damage due to the twisting and turning stress. Check the forecast – pick the best driving times and don’t take risks Allow yourself plenty of space between the vehicle in front. Motorhomes are rear wheel drive, so the best method for a skid control is steering with a slide and pumping the brakes lightly in order to attempt to regain control.

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